Quick Consults:
Choosing colors, materials, furniture, lighting…any decorative element for the home…can be daunting and confusing and can often result in expensive mistakes. A quick consult can help you focus your choices with a guiding and experienced hand.

Room Reinterpretation:
Bringing a room to life can often be a simple matter of rethinking how you use what you have. Making the most of what is already there and filling in with a few well-chosen elements can literally transform a room quickly and easily.

Shopping Services:
We can accompany you to stores of your own choosing or take you to the perfect design resources to find what you’re looking for. Or we can serve as your search engine, presenting a curated and keenly selected assortment of options for you to choose from.

Real Estate Purchase Consultation:
Accompanying you and your broker when you shop for a new home will help you imagine the potential of a space in unexpected ways. Herald Gardell will help you see beyond distracting design elements when looking at a property and provide insights and affirmation to give you peace of mind.

Real Estate Staging:
If you’re trying to sell a home, highlighting its visual assets to the best effect makes a huge difference in the number and value of the offers you receive. We can de-clutter, freshen and style your space to prepare it for your next open house.

Above Services Priced at a Standard Hourly Rate

 A Color. A Texture. A Touch.