Herald Gardell Design Services draws its creative force from the backgrounds of its two founders, Sebastian Herald and Randy Gardell. Each has built his career on a long history in the world of design. Randy is a veteran of home décor product design which was preceded by a 30 year career in costume design in Hollywood. Sebastian spent 10 years as the CEO of one of the top home décor companies in the US. Before that he spent 15 years in marketing for luxury brands ranging from jewelry giant, Cartier, to fragrance powerhouse, Bijan. Both men have worked in a wide array of design fields. It is this diversity of exposure and experience that creates a unique perspective into the field of interior design. Understanding how design impacts all aspects of your lifestyle helps us see deeper into who you are, how you want to live, and what you want to say to the world about your own taste and style.


OUR Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy…design is a resource that belongs to everyone. We all have the ability to live a beautiful life that reflects who we are and how we want to live. Bringing this truth to people is at the heart of every aspect of the company, from the way we work to the services we provide. Herald Gardell is structured to allow our clients to utilize consultations at any level of complexity in an achievable and understandable way. Whether it’s a quick consultation to pick paint colors, a bedroom redesign or a full home concept, the approach is always clean, collaborative and comfortable.

Downsizing/Space Planning Support 

Today, downsizing is definitely one of the most powerful trends among homeowners in the United States. We specialize in making the process effective by understanding the way you live and optimizing every space to suit the functions that mean the most to you, all in the context of a beautiful design.

Real Estate Selection/Staging Help

The process of buying and selling real estate can be daunting. It's hard to walk through a potential new home in just a few minutes and see what the possibilities are. And when you're trying to sell a home, the tiniest detail can make or break a sale. We can help you and your broker make good decisions along the way.

Collaborative Design

Our goal is to make you part of the process by really understanding what you are looking for, then ensuring that each space we design is unique and reflects the people who live there.

Quick Fixes

We put just as much effort into a simple change as we do a full-scale project. At Herald Gardell, we consider every project important because it will impact the lives of our clients every day. There's nothing more meaningful to us than that!


Planning a space well is about so much more than simply how it looks. A room has to function the way you need it to and feel the way you want to feel in it. Achieving that can be challenging. So our focus is on you and your needs. We take the time to really understand what you're looking for when we start a project. Downsizing, combining homes, adding a generation, empty nesters, seasonal living, major location changes, or just changing the color scheme in a favorite room...we are here to help you.

OUR Specialties

about us

Herald Gardell, Ltd. is a residential interior design firm based in Pound Ridge, NY, servicing projects all over the United States. Founded by Sebastian Herald and Randy Gardell, the company is guided by the simple idea that good design is about more than just the look of a home...it's about the people who inhabit it. Every aspect of creating a home is built into the company's structure, from buying or selling, to planning spaces, to designing it to your unique desires and specifications.